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US Identifies Israeli Army Units for Human Rights Violations

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US Identifies Israeli Army Units for Human Rights Violations

All the incidents in question occurred outside of Gaza and preceded the current conflict.

In a significant move, the US State Department has pointed out five units within the Israeli military for their involvement in severe violations of human rights.

Despite these findings, the US maintains its military support to these units.

All the incidents in question occurred outside of Gaza and preceded the current conflict. While Israel has taken corrective measures in four of the units, it provided additional information regarding the fifth unit. Consequently, all units remain eligible for continued US military assistance.

As the primary military supporter of Israel, the US annually supplies the country with $3.8 billion worth of weapons and defense systems. This recent announcement marks the first time the US government has identified Israeli units for such violations.

According to State Department spokesman Vedant Patel, while four units have effectively addressed the violations, discussions with the Israeli government continue regarding the fifth unit. Patel emphasized ongoing engagement and a pending decision regarding this unit’s status.

Despite concerns about political pressure, the State Department asserts its commitment to due process and thorough consultations with the Israeli government. Under the “Leahy Law,” enacted in 1997, foreign military units found to have committed gross violations of human rights risk losing US military assistance.

While details of the incidents and remedial actions remain undisclosed, the US government indicates that Israel has taken steps to address the violations in most cases. However, the decision regarding the fifth unit is pending further evaluation based on recent information provided by Israel.

Speculation suggests the unit in question may be the Netzah Yehuda battalion, implicated in the death of Palestinian-American Omar Assad in 2022. Despite calls for accountability, the IDF’s response led to reprimands rather than prosecutions.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken hinted at forthcoming determinations regarding Israeli units under the Leahy Law. Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, have vowed to oppose any sanctions on the military.

As consultations continue, the State Department affirms its commitment to a thorough process before making any decisions regarding military assistance to the identified units.

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