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The Truth About Digital Identity That You Need to Know Now

The Truth About Digital Identity That You Need to Know Now

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It is not just people online you don’t know, you need to know your personality.

Hello Stranger — Are you the same person online and offline?

Let’s be honest, how well do you know yourself and the people you communicate with regularly? Turn “off” the online bias and switch “on” critical thinking. Too often we are suspicious of online “strangers” entering our mental space, and there is a reason for that. Read on!

Online vs. Offline Relationships

Due to the nature of online communication, it is challenging to gauge underlying intentions and figure out digital vs. real identities. We cannot see facial expressions in person or hear the tone of voice, so it is difficult to know if someone is angry, sad, hurt, bewildered, etc.

But how different is this from sending a CV to apply for a job? What other information does the recruiter have to go by, other than your CV in deciding to make that initial phone call or send an email inviting you for an interview? All they know is what they see on your CV. So how is that different from your Digital Identity online?

How can you tell Fake from Real? (Digital Identity vs. Real Life)

Your “habits” define you, and the truth of your digital habits is revealed in the long term. Research has shown that your online persona leads back to the same personality in real life. Research shows it is more difficult to “Fake It” online in the long term, due to prolonged observation and publicity of your online behavior.

Your browser history, web searches, web pages visited, emails, and social media activity are recorded, giving traces of your personality, the result being your personality profile is created. You are no longer “anonymous”.

Deception and Impression Management

Impression Management is easy when it’s short-term (such as a job interview, etc), however when we broadcast much of our lives and personal stories online, it is harder to maintain a Fake Persona.

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