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Why does Jake Paul only fight older MMA fighters instead of younger real professional boxers?

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Why does Jake Paul only fight older MMA fighters instead of younger real professional boxers?

Jake Paul, a 27-year-old boxer known as much for his YouTube antics as his boxing career, has taken the sports world by storm with his latest announcement. Partnering with his own promotional company, MVP, and streaming giant Netflix, Paul is set to fight the legendary Mike Tyson, who is 30 years his senior, on July 20th. This event, dubbed by Paul as the "biggest fight of the 21st century," will be exclusively streamed on Netflix, making it a unique spectacle for boxing and entertainment fans alike.

Record and Criticism

Jake Paul's boxing record stands impressively at nine wins and one loss, a testament to his skill and dedication to the sport. However, critics have often pointed out that Paul's choice of opponents usually doesn't include big names from the professional boxing world. This criticism seems to have been taken to heart with his upcoming match against Mike Tyson, a former undisputed heavyweight champion known as "The Baddest Man on the Planet." Despite Tyson's formidable legacy, it's important to note that he is now 57 years old, adding an interesting dynamic to the fight.

Tyson's Perspective

Mike Tyson, with his 50 professional wins, including 44 knockouts, is a boxing legend whose prowess in the ring is undisputed. His anticipation to face off against Paul, whom he acknowledges has significantly improved as a boxer over the years, sets the stage for an intriguing matchup. Tyson sees this fight as a test of will and ambition against experience and talent, making it a must-watch for boxing enthusiasts.

Interestingly, one of Paul's early victories was during an event where Tyson faced Roy Jones Jr., creating a full-circle moment for both fighters. Tyson expressed his desire to "finish" Paul's boxing journey, a sentiment that adds a layer of drama to the upcoming match.

Criticism about Jake Pauls selection of opponents

Despite his success, Paul has been criticized for choosing opponents who are older or come from MMA backgrounds rather than facing younger, professional boxers. This strategy is seen by some as a way to ensure victories against competitors who may not have extensive boxing experience. Indeed, Paul's encounter with Tommy Fury, an active professional boxer, ended in a loss for Paul via split decision, highlighting the challenges he faces against seasoned boxers.

The Upcoming Fight

This upcoming fight against Mike Tyson, while certainly a step up in terms of name recognition, continues the pattern of Paul facing off against older fighters. Yet, it presents an opportunity for Paul to silence his critics by taking on a true boxing legend, regardless of Tyson's age.


As the fight date approaches, fans and critics alike will be watching closely to see if Jake Paul can prove himself against a heavyweight champion of Tyson's caliber. This matchup not only promises to be an exciting spectacle but also a pivotal moment in Paul's boxing career. Will it be the "fight of a lifetime" as Paul suggests, or will it raise more questions about his choice of opponents? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: the boxing world will be watching.

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