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From Aspiring to Thriving: Master the Art of Product Management in Just 4 Steps

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From Aspiring to Thriving: Master the Art of Product Management in Just 4 Steps

By now you must’ve heard of the term product management at least once, or you’re aware of it and would like to pursue a career in it but have no idea how to begin. Before you read further I’d like to inform you that this isn’t a professional article that shows you steps to greatness in product management, it’s a personal article that shows the steps I took from start to finish that enabled me to learn about product management and land my first product management job within 6 months of learning. If you’d like to know more, then go ahead with your read.

Step 1: Understand the background of product management

Understanding the background of product management simply involves doing your research. It's easy to want to be a product manager, it’s not so easy to become one. Doing proper research helps you to know what you're getting into and in turn, helps you decide if product management is really what you want as a career.

Step 2: Learn your discipline

Discipline in this case refers to the product management art. Learning comes in different formats, an online course, online tutorials, offline classes, or in my case a tech program. Any one of these methods can be applied, what's important is to understand what you're going to be doing as a product manager.

Step 3: Get a practical experience and a certificate

Don't just stop at learning, get practical experience, which could be as a volunteer, an intern, or even as a freelancer. How do you get said experience? social media is your friend, loads of companies are looking for people who can contribute to their growth. It’s your responsibility to find these companies. A certificate on the other hand is more than a reward for your consistent learning and practice. It shows recruiters official or unofficial, that you have knowledge and skill to a certain extent and it increases your chances of getting a job

Step 4: Network

Product managers who are well-connected and have a strong network are more likely to be successful in their careers, even if they are not the most technically skilled. Network in any way possible. There are various forms of networking, ie posting consistently on social media platforms, and engaging in conversations in group chats. The goal is to let people know what you can do. It’s easier for people to give opportunities to people they know.

I recall my first job offer being from a contact of mine who was aware(network) that I was learning product management at the time(learn your discipline). After going through my LinkedIn profile(practical experience and certificate ), his boss offered me the job. Granted, I was not able to accept the offer because of schoolwork, but it was a start, it proved that I was not wasting my time. Hopefully, this article serves as a guide to help you in your career path as a product manager or otherwise.

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