Monday, February 5, 2024

Tesla Driver Arrested for Driving with Apple Vision Pro Glasses

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Tesla Driver Arrested for Driving with Apple Vision Pro Glasses

Last summer, Apple introduced the Vision Pro, branding it as the inaugural "spatial computer." This augmented reality (AR) headset overlays a virtual screen onto the real world, operated by hand movements—making users appear as if they're swiping and typing into thin air, akin to wearing ski goggles.

The idea behind this technology, according to Apple, is to allow users to engage with a virtual workspace without losing touch with their physical surroundings. However, the application of such cutting-edge technology can sometimes veer into the unconventional, or even the unsafe.

The Ultimate Combo

Accepting the quirky look of a full-fledged nerd in the office is one thing, but one particular American Vision Pro user decided to take the technology for a spin in a more literal sense.

Seeking the ultimate tech combination, this individual donned his AR glasses while behind the wheel of his Tesla. To add to the high-tech experiment, he activated Tesla's controversially named Full Self Driving feature, aiming to immerse himself in augmented reality while the car navigated on its own. Unfortunately, this fusion of advanced technologies did not sit well with law enforcement, leading to an encounter that was less than favorable.

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