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The Spicy Sensation: Buldak Ramen

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The Spicy Sensation: Buldak Ramen

Buldak ramen made headlines recently when it got banned in Denmark due to being extremely spicy. As a fan of all varieties and brands of ramen, I decided to dig up more information on Buldak ramen.

Produced by a Korean food company, Buldak literally means “fire chicken,” which refers to its extremely spicy flavor profile. Believe me, I love a lot of “fire” in my curries. To the extent that I bite into a couple of Thai green chilies while having a meal!

Social Media Sensation:

Browsing social media threw up a slew of surprises, starting with its popularity. Globally, millions of TikTok posts tag this instant noodle brand, and its YouTube views reach millions. The obvious reason this ramen brand is going viral is its spice levels. Social media content creators try Buldak ramen and share their reactions on camera.

Varieties of Buldak Ramen:

The 2X Spicy Buldak variety is not suitable for those who are sensitive to very spicy foods. It doubles the spice levels of the original, creating an intense heat experience. I watched a YouTube video where the YouTuber, who seemed used to eating very spicy food, found the heat level below their expectations.

Original Buldak: The classic version that paved the way for this brand’s popularity. The spicy sauce includes Korean chili paste (gochujang), soy sauce, garlic, and a hint of sugar.

Cheese Buldak: This variety uses cheese powder to reduce the spiciness, offering a milder taste.

Carbonara Buldak: A fusion with Italian carbonara, resulting in a creamy, slightly spicy sauce for a satisfying ramen experience.

Jjajang Buldak: Combines the signature spiciness of Buldak with Korean black bean sauce, appealing to food lovers who appreciate rich and diverse tastes.

Why Buldak Ramen?

Now that you have an idea of the Buldak ramen and its different varieties, what is it about this brand that intrigues and attracts people? When they hear the word “Buldak,” many people associate it with one main characteristic—extreme spiciness. Yes, the ramen’s main flavor profile is spicy, but the company also offers cheese and carbonara varieties to take the bite out of the spiciness. Ultimately, it all depends on one question: Can you handle intense chili spice? If not, avoiding spicy foods, including this ramen, might be advisable.


Buldak ramen offers a sensational culinary experience for spice enthusiasts and noodle lovers. Whether you’re daring enough to take on the 2X Spicy challenge or prefer the creamy balance of the Cheese version, these intensely spicy noodles are sure to make you crave more.

Do give Buldak ramen a shot and share your experiences and favorite flavors with us.

Image Credit Jana Ohajdova—Pexels.com

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