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The Meeting on Global Collaboration

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The Meeting on Global Collaboration

The Special Meeting on Global Collaboration

The Special Meeting on Global Collaboration,Growth, and Energy for Development, set to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on April 28โ€“29, 2024, is a high-level World Economic Forum (WEF) gathering aimed at addressing pressing global challenges. This meeting is part of a broader effort to confront the expanding North-South divide, exacerbated by diverging economic policies, the transition towards renewable energy, and geopolitical upheavals. It represents a pivotal moment for global leaders to come together to forge pathways for sustainable growth, energy development, and enhanced international cooperation.

Saudi Arabia's role as the host of this significant event underscores its growing influence and ambition on the global stage, particularly in the context of its Vision 2030 plan. The kingdom's strategic investments in infrastructure, logistics, and the mining sector, alongside its pivotal position in the energy market, highlight its capacity to contribute meaningfully to global discussions on growth and sustainable development. The recent increases in cargo throughput, a surge in mining licenses indicating a burgeoning mining sector, and a robust banking sector performance illustrate the nation's economic dynamism and its readiness to engage with global partners in addressing shared challenges



The meeting in Riyadh will thus not only serve as a platform for addressing global issues but also as a showcase of Saudi Arabia's ambitions and capabilities in contributing to global economic stability and growth. The dialogue and collaborations fostered during this event could catalyze initiatives aimed at enhancing global cooperation, fostering economic growth, and transitioning towards sustainable energy solutions, aligning with the broader goals of the World Economic Forum and participating nations and organizations.

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