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Rapid Changes Are Happening — Front Lines Ukraine

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Rapid Changes Are Happening — Front Lines Ukraine

Russian Forces Almost Broke Through But Were Halted

Reported May 12th by Commander-in-Cheif Oleksandr Syrskyi. Russian troops continue to advance in 7 sectors but the attempts to break through Ukrainian defenses have been halted.

The situation is rapidly changing with the ongoing fighting, areas include Kupiansk, Siversk, Lyman and Pokrovsk, according to Syrskyi.

“The enemy has partial success in some areas, and in others, (Ukraine’s) Defense Forces are pushing the enemy out and improving their tactical position,” general had said.

It’s been reported that Russian troops are pushing east of Chasiv Yar in Donetsk Oblast, but they have failed to regain lost positions near the village of Klishchiivka.

Which is located 5 km south of Russian-occupied Bakhmut.

The situation in Kharkiv is difficult as Russian forces have intensified their offensive in the region, Ukrainian troops “are doing everything to hold their defensive lines & positions”. Stated by the General.

Ukrainian military has said, Moscow’s troops have been contained in the grey zone border village's. Russia alleged taking control of 5 places within Kharkiv Oblast: Pletenivka, Ohirsteve, Borysivka, Pylne and Strilecha.

“The units of the Defense Forces are engaged in fierce defensive battles, and the attempts of the Russian occupiers to break through our defense have been halted. Our intelligence, artillery, and unmanned aerial systems units are working,” Syrskyi said.

All necessary measures are being taken to strengthen the defense and decisions are being made promptly, including personnel.”

With the fighting on the front lines becoming more intense, Ukraine units have been able to rotate troops to keep moral high and keep soldiers well being in good state.

There has been 155 clashes against the Russian army over the past day, reported Ukraine’s General Staff.

Thank you all for reading, I write about the news happening across the world because it affects all of us. In many ways, we may not see, it affects the rest of the world. Everyone deserves to know what is going on.

Prayers go out to those fighting on the front lines, to the families that await fathers, sons, uncles, nephews, and brothers to return home.


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