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Special Ops Conducted On Russian Soil

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Special Ops Conducted On Russian Soil

Ukrainian Troops Behind Enemy Lines

During the cover of night on May 12th, Ukrainian troops hit 3 facilities on Russian Soil.

According to Ukrainian Intelligence, they hit military target's behind enemy lines. Facilities hit are Volgograd oil refinery, Kaluganefteproduct oil depot in Lyudinovo and Novolipetsk mentallurgical plant.

The Novolipetsk plant had been attacked using drones twice before by Ukrainian forces, this plant produces raw materials that are for other companies who develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

Ukrainian intelligence prepared these operations for troops to use drones to attack Volgograd oil refinery, they successfully damaged the primary oil refining units AVT-1 and AVT-6 while also damaging a oil production unit.

Thank you all for reading, I write about the news happening across the world because it affects all of us. In many ways, we may not see, it affects the rest of the world. Everyone deserves to know what is going on.

Prayers go out to those fighting on the front lines, to the families that await fathers, sons, uncles, nephews, and brothers to return home.


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