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Will Macron Send Troops to Ukraine?

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Will Macron Send Troops to Ukraine?

In recent developments, French President Emmanuel Macron has made headlines with his statements regarding the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. During an interview on French national television channels TF1 and France 2, Macron discussed the possibility of sending Western troops to Ukraine, a topic that has stirred various reactions across Europe.

The Current Stance on Military Involvement

Despite raising this possibility last month, which led to some pushback from other European leaders who have no plans to engage in such actions, Macron emphasized that "all options are possible" in the context of the Ukraine crisis. However, he also noted that the current situation does not necessitate sending troops at this moment.

Conditions for French Military Deployment

Macron, who serves as the commander-in-chief of France's armed forces, did not specify the conditions under which France would consider deploying troops. He stated that any such decision would be prompted by actions from Moscow, clarifying that France would not initiate an offensive into Ukraine against Russia. Yet, he stressed the importance of not showing weakness. "Today, to have peace in Ukraine, we must not be weak," Macron asserted.

The Existential Nature of the Conflict

The French President described the conflict in Ukraine as "existential" to both France and Europe. He argued that if the war were to spread to Europe, it would be solely due to Russia's choice and responsibility. Macron's stance is clear: being passive or appearing weak in the face of aggression is akin to defeat, a scenario he refuses to accept.

France's Ukraine Strategy Debated in Parliament

This week, the French parliament engaged in a debate over the country's strategy towards Ukraine, resulting in the symbolic approval of a 10-year bilateral security agreement between Macron and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy by both the National Assembly and the Senate.

The Weimar Triangle Summit

Moreover, Macron is slated to meet with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Berlin for a summit of the "Weimar Triangle," a group comprising the three major EU powers. This meeting aims to showcase unity and solidarity with Ukraine, which is currently facing a military resource shortage and the challenges of a stronger Russian military force.

Addressing Military Support and Resource Shortages

The discussions will likely cover the urgent need for military support for Ukraine, including ammunition, artillery, and air defense systems. This comes at a time when the EU's plans to produce 1 million artillery rounds for Ukraine are falling short, and US aid is being delayed by political hurdles in Congress.

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