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DRIP.HAUS NFT platform

As an enthusiast of NFTs (or, in this case,nft compressed NFTs or cNFT) issued on Solana chain, especially the free ones, I've started to look through a fascinating project, DRIP.HAUS, in order to discover its possibilities.
For those who are not familiar with it, I would like to redirect to my previous post:

, for those who are willing to participate in getting free NFTs from DRIP.HAUS, I will attach my invite and one use code: Bjqo2X49 and 2o7ynd8o.
Under no circumstances is it investment advice.
Believe me, I’d be the worst financial advisor you’ve ever met.
Nor am I an art specialist, advisor, or kind like that; I'm just a guy who likes nice-looking things (in the deepest part of my soul, I'm a romantic one).
This post is published for entertainment purposes.


The artist was born in the North and raised in the South. He describes himself as a husband and father and a supporter of all arts; he’ll take you on a trip through emotional and twisted realities in his conceptual, surreal universe.
As we can read in his introduction on the DRIP.HAUS channel:
“Take a trip through twisted realities in the Designz abstract universe. This crazy artist may use 1, 2, or even 3 paintings layered together to create one piece of history. He’s a mad man with pallet knives, chef knives, butcher’s knives, and the most unorthodox tools he can find.”
On Drip's channel site, we can find a bunch of fine-looking, abstract graphics with a title and a short description of their genesis and the way they were created.
There is also information about the number of drops and their rarity (tab: METADATA).

There is also a link that can lead us to the artist's personal site:, where we can find other NFT markets and galleries where this artist's works are exhibited.
We can also have a look at his Twitter address, where over 6k users observe his profile.

The other DRIP channel, which I find quite interesting, is a very similar gallery called:

Wiwitaek’s World

It is another example of intriguing and a little thrilling abstract art exhibition which belongs to an artist called Wiwitaek.
I didn't find much information about the artist except the fact that he comes from Malaysia.
I also managed to get to his Twitter profile (now on the X platform) -@wiwitaek, with over 2.7k followers.
Whats more, we can find his personal web site at

there are other links directing to his other galleries, where we can see some of really breathtaking, moving masterpieces.

Well, this is the end of my short post, but finding information like that and looking through NFTs arts galleries provides me alot of satisfaction, so I will carry on a series of posts like this.
I hope the readers enjoyed it Thanks for stopping by.

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