Monday, January 29, 2024

New on Netflix This Week (January 29 to February 4, 2024)

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New on Netflix This Week (January 29 to February 4, 2024)

A new week has begun, and Netflix has a packed schedule with several brand-new films and series to be added. Below, we highlight the upcoming week's key additions on Netflix.

Monday, January 29: A Thrilling Start to the Week

  • "Deep Fear" (2023): This shark movie unfolds in the Caribbean Sea, following Naomi, a seasoned sailor who embarks on a solo journey to meet her boyfriend Jackson in Grenada. What begins as a peaceful three-day sail aboard the vast yacht 'The Serenity' turns dark as a storm veers her off course.

  • "The Greatest Night in Pop" (2024): In 1985, 46 of the greatest pop stars united for one purpose: to transform chaos into magic with the song "We Are the World". Told by the stars who were there, this documentary reveals the rollercoaster journey of creating and recording this groundbreaking track, which raised millions for famine in Africa, won 2 Grammys, and became a global sensation.

Tuesday, January 30: High-Speed Action

  • "NASCAR: Full Speed" (2024): This sports series follows the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs and championship race, tracking drivers as they compete for one of the most legendary titles in motorsports.

Wednesday, January 31: Historical Dramas and Documentaries

  • "Wil" (2023): Set in 1942 Antwerp, the story revolves around Wil and Lode, two young police assistants forced to aid in hunting down Jews while simultaneously supporting the resistance. Amidst chaos and violence, Wil falls for Lode's sister Yvette, navigating a path to save himself, his loved ones, and the Jews from the oppressor.

  • "Alexander the Great: The Making of a God": This docudrama combines interviews with dramatic reenactments to explore the life of Alexander the Great during his conquest of the Persian Empire, featuring impressively staged scenes.

Thursday, February 1: An Unexpected Love Story

  • "Baby Bandito" (2024): Kevin's life takes a turn when he falls for Genesis. Determined to risk it all for love, the passionate skater devises a bold plan: to steal a detailed blueprint from a dangerous gang known as the Butchers, aiming to swindle millions and become the country's most wanted fugitive. Inspired by the 2014 heist of the century in Chile.

Friday, February 2: Heart-Wrenching Drama

  • "Prisoner's Daughter" (2022): Max, released from prison after twelve years, learns he has terminal cancer. He now seeks to fulfill his final wish: to reconcile with his daughter Maxine and meet his grandson, whom he's never known. However, Maxine's violent, drug-addicted ex-husband complicates matters.

Saturday, February 3: A Historical Spiritual Awakening

  • "Jesus Revolution" (2023): The true story of a national spiritual awakening in the early seventies and its origins within a community of teen hippies in Southern California.

Sunday, February 4: A Comedic Journey

  • "The Guilt Trip" (2012): Andy Brewster (Seth Rogen), a chemist, tries to get his eco-friendly cleaning product, ScieoClean, into a major store. After a series of rejections, and a disappointing pitch at K-Mart, he visits his mother, Joyce Brewster (Barbra Streisand), in New Jersey. Before heading to Las Vegas, he lies about the success of his pitch to spare his mother from worry.

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