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Russia's Win in Avdiivka, But at a Loss of 200 Tanks

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Russia's Win in Avdiivka, But at a Loss of 200 Tanks

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has reached a critical juncture in the city of Avdiivka. After four months of intense combat, the Russian military is on the verge of capturing this strategically significant Ukrainian city. This development comes amid a backdrop of heavy artillery attacks initiated by Russia in an attempt to seize control. The situation presents a multifaceted picture of loss, strategic implications, and the resilience of the defending forces.

After four months of heavy fighting, the Russian military is close to capturing the Ukrainian city of Avdiivka. Russia launched a new offensive in October, attacking Avdiivka from three sides with artillery.

This potential capture represents a significant setback for Ukraine, given Avdiivka's strategic position as a gateway to Donetsk, a major city under Russian control. It also negatively impacts Ukrainian morale.

According to Forbes, Ukraine's defeat can be attributed to a shortage of ammunition, a direct result of delayed new support from the United States.

However, the conflict has also been costly for Russia. Apart from the loss of thousands of soldiers, the Russian military is estimated to have lost around 214 tanks, about a tenth of its total tank force in Ukraine. The majority of these losses are older T-72s and T-80s from the Soviet era, along with some of the more modern T-90s.

In contrast, the Ukrainians have lost only 18 tanks during the four-month battle. Typically, the attacking force loses about three times as many tanks as the defending side, but in this case, the ratio is 12 to 1. The Ukrainian military achieved this by extensively using mines, artillery, drones, missiles, and conventional gunfire from fortified positions.

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