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7 Best Language Learning Apps Ranked. Learn Easy, how?

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7 Best Language Learning Apps Ranked. Learn Easy, how?

The Top 7 best language learning apps. We delve into the details of each, covering their course offerings, immersion techniques, available languages, and cost structures.

Language embodies the richness of human culture, offering paths to connect and comprehend each other. Whether you aim to broaden your perspectives, enhance your career, or immerse in new cultural dimensions, mastering a new language can be life-altering. The digital age brings a myriad of online platforms for language learning, making the choice challenging.

This piece presents a curated list of the top 7 best language learning apps. We delve into the details of each, covering their course offerings, immersion techniques, available languages, and cost structures.

Key Takeaways: Best Language Learning Apps

  • There are over 7,000 languages spoken in the world today.

  • Learning a new language can open up a world of opportunities.

  • Choosing the right language-learning site is crucial for your language-learning journey.

  • We have researched and ranked the top 7 best language learning apps for you.

  • Stay tuned to find the perfect platform to achieve your language learning goals.

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      best language learning apps

      Rosetta Stone

      Rosetta Stone stands out as a leading language learning platform, offering thorough instruction in 28 languages. Its immersive approach ensures that learners develop fluency through integrating reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This comprehensive method is designed to encompass all aspects of language learning.

      The Rosetta Stone language learning courses are crafted for a dynamic and interactive experience. They allow learners to hone their skills through realistic scenarios. Through the use of advanced speech recognition technology, Rosetta Stone assists learners in enhancing their pronunciation. It also aids in building conversational abilities.

      The Rosetta Stone Experience

      Engaging with Rosetta Stone guarantees:

      • A wide selection of languages to choose from, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, and more

      • Flexible pricing options include a monthly subscription or a one-time payment for a lifetime license

      Progress tracking and personalized learning plans. Live tutoring sessionsLifetime License$199 (one-time payment)50% discount on $399 plan, Unlimited access to all language courses.
      Permanent progress tracking and personalized learning plans
      for lifetime live tutoring sessions.


      Babbel stands out as a language learning platform offering immersive courses in 14 languages. Its user-friendly interface and effective teaching strategies make it a top choice for enhancing language skills.

      Diverse subscription options cater to varying needs and goals. You can choose from 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month plans, or a lifetime membership, depending on your commitment level.

      Babbel Pricing Options:

      Subscription DurationPricing1-month$12.953-months$26.856-months$44.7012-months$83.40Lifetime Membership$199.00

      Babbel’s extensive courses in various languages provide an excellent opportunity for expanding language skills. Its focus on immersive learning and practical vocabulary equips learners at all levels for real-world communication.


      Duolingo is a popular language-learning app with courses in 36 languages. Its gamified approach makes learning new languages engaging and fun.

      Duolingo’s user-friendly interface and interactive exercises enhance reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. It offers lessons for all levels, from beginners to advanced learners.

      Available on both Android and iOS, Duolingo allows learning on the go. You can practice languages anytime, whether on a bus or during a break.


      • Gamified approach to language practice

      • A wide range of languages available

      • User-friendly interface

      • Availability on Android and iOS devices

      • Free version with ads

      • Premium version with additional features

      • May not provide in-depth language learning content

      • Some users may find the gamified approach less suitable for advanced language learners


      Explore Coursera’s popular online learning platform’s details and pricing options.

      1. Individual Courses:

        • Over 7,500 courses are available.

        • Prices range from free to $49 – $79 per course.

      2. Guided Projects:

        • There are over 760 guided projects.

        • Prices start at $9.99.

      3. Specializations:

        • Over 2,400 specializations are offered..

        • Prices start at USD 49/month.

      4. Professional Certificates:

        • There are over 600 professional certificates available.

        • Prices start at $49/month.


      Udemy offers a diverse range of language courses to help you learn and master new languages. Whether you’re interested in improving your English, exploring other languages, or becoming a polyglot, Udemy has something for everyone. Here are some language options you can explore:

      1. Free English Language Courses:

        • Udemy provides a variety of free English language courses. These courses cover different aspects of language learning, including grammar, vocabulary, speaking, and listening.

      2. Top Free Courses on Udemy:

        • Udemy has a list of 250 most popular free online courses based on enrollment. These courses have collectively garnered nearly 41 million enrollments.

      3. Course Formats:

        • All Udemy courses, including free ones, consist of a minimum of 5 lectures and at least 30 minutes of video content.

      4. Other Free Resources:

        • If you’re new to online learning, Udemy’s Free Resource Center curates courses for professionals. Take advantage of these free courses to acquire new skills and knowledge.

      If you’re new to online learning, Udemy’s Free Resource Center curates courses for professionals. Take advantage of these free courses to acquire new skills and knowledge

      Whether you’re a beginner or looking to advance your language skills, Udemy’s top-rated courses can help you achieve your language learning goals. Happy learning! 🌟📚


      Memrise is a unique language-learning tool that combines repetition and flashcards. It offers courses in 16 languages, aiding learners to improve their skills and vocabulary.

      This platform is ideal for those with a basic understanding of a language. It uses flashcards to boost memorization of keywords and phrases effectively.

      Memrise stands out due to its innovative, easy-to-use interface. It makes learning fun with various exercises suited to different preferences.

      With options for monthly subscriptions or a one-time payment, Memrise caters to all learners.

      It’s perfect for anyone wanting to enhance their language abilities, supporting learners at all stages.


      Busuu stands out as a language learning platform, offering in-depth courses across 12 languages. Its interactive approach sets a robust foundation for learners at varying proficiency levels. The platform integrates practical learning with a strong interactive component, making language mastery more attainable for everyone.

      Busuu caters to learners at all stages. From beginners to advanced speakers, it offers tailored learning plans that align with individual goals and levels. This personalization ensures consistent advancement in your language journey.

      The platform is accessible in a free version, which provides basic features. However, there’s also a premium subscription that opens up more advanced options. These include offline access, in-depth grammar lessons, and certificates upon course completion.

      Key Features of Busuu:

      • Detailed and interactive courses in 12 languages

      • Practice with native speakers through the Busuu community

      • Personalized learning plans based on your current level

      • Engaging lessons, vocabulary exercises, and grammar explanations

      • Free version with access to basic features

      • Premium subscription with additional benefits

      If your goal is to master a new language for travel, career, or personal growth, Busuu is an excellent ally. It offers an all-encompassing platform that nurtures your language learning pathway. Take the first step into a world of languages with Busuu today.

      Lingvist, DuoCards, Immerse, Pimsleur, Fluent

      Though they didn’t make the top 7, these language learning aids are still valuable. They each bring something different to the table that can enrich your journey in learning a new language. Their unique methods cater to enhancing vocabulary and providing immersive audio experiences.


      Lingvist uses flashcard methods to bolster vocabulary. It customizes your learning, focusing on areas needing improvement. Thus, Lingvist allows you to improve your language skills effectively.


      DuoCards enables users to craft their own flashcards. This feature lets you tailor your learning to your individual language objectives. DuoCards facilitates focused vocabulary practice, making it aligned with your goals.


      Immerse employs virtual reality for its lessons. This tool plunges you into virtual language settings for practical exercises. It simulates real-life interactions, enriching your learning experience significantly.


      Pimsleur is celebrated for its audio-based approach. It blends listening and speaking exercises to boost your language abilities. The program targets conversational prowess and proper pronunciation, providing engaging audio lessons.


      Fluent is a unique Chrome extension that makes web browsing a language lesson. It transforms regular internet use into a language learning session. With Fluent, you gain translations and vocabulary help on the go, enriching your web experience with language learning.

      Lirica, Learn French TV5MONDE

      Traditional language learning methods can seem dull and repetitive. That’s where Lirica and Learn French TV5MONDE shine. They introduce a novel and engaging approach via music and TV shows, making language acquisition both fun and enjoyable.

      Lirica: Language Learning Through Music

      Lirica uses popular songs and videos to teach languages. It provides a rich library of music across genres for learners to dive into the lyrics, rhythm, and culture. With interactive exercises on vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, learning becomes dynamic and memorable.

      This app combines language learning with music appreciation, suiting those who prefer a melodic learning path. Regardless of your musical preference, from Latin beats to sentimental ballads, Lirica enhances your language skills engagingly.

      Learn French TV5MONDE: French Learning Through TV Shows

      Learn French TV5MONDE is perfect for those focused on French. This free app immerses learners in genuine French TV shows, offering a unique window into the culture. It lets users delve into a variety of genres, from thrilling dramas to insightful documentaries.

      By providing subtitles, transcripts, and other learning aids, users can better understand and expand their vocabulary. It caters to all proficiency levels, featuring a spectrum of shows from crime series to comedies. This ensures a rich and amusing learning path for anyone.

      Lirica and learning French TV5MONDE revolutionize language learning. For music enthusiasts or TV show aficionados, these platforms offer a fascinating and enjoyable method to enhance language abilities. Embark on this exciting linguistic journey, merging your love for music or TV with learning.


      Fluenz stands as an innovative alternative to Rosetta Stone, providing a unique avenue for language learning. It distinguishes itself with instructor-led videos, creating a personalized and engaging learning experience.

      It proves beneficial for those at beginner or intermediate levels, aiming to solidify their language foundations. Through well-explained videos, learners receive clear guidance on lessons. This method simplifies understanding of otherwise challenging concepts and pronunciation.

      Fluenz focuses on offering courses in select languages, ensuring thorough and detailed education in each. This approach enables learners to immerse themselves deeply into their chosen language’s essentials.

      The platform is structured to enhance practical language abilities effectively. It uses instructor-led videos for detailed, step-by-step learning. This allows users to progress at their pace and revisit complex sections when necessary.

      Recognizing the limitations of mere memorization, Fluenz advocates for an interactive learning model. This strategy aids in developing conversational skills and achieving fluency in the selected language.


      Looking for the best language learning apps? We’ve got you covered. Our recommendations feature a range of options. They cater to various learning preferences and budgets. Here’s a quick overview of our top 5 choices:

      1. Rosetta Stone: Offers comprehensive language courses in 28 languages. You can choose between monthly or lifetime access.

      2. Babbel: Focuses on practical language skills with 14 different languages. It includes various subscription lengths up to a lifetime option.

      3. Duolingo: A fun, gamified approach with 36 languages. It provides a free ad-supported version and a premium option, Duolingo Plus.

      4. Memrise: Utilizes repetition and flashcards in its 16 language courses. It offers monthly subscriptions and a one-time payment choice.

      5. Busuu: Provides in-depth courses in 12 languages. It includes resources for complete beginners and options to practice with native speakers. Available in both free and premium versions.

      Discover your perfect match for mastering a new language. Whether your goal is fluency or mastering the basics, these platforms offer diverse solutions.

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